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Sea/Air from Asia to Europe

The Intermodal Freightsystem combines cost saving benefits of the conventional ocean freight with cost saving benefits of airfreight and less CO2 emissions against air freight!

Perfectly synchronized, controlled and monitored. From Asian departure ports to transit ports and from transit airports to European destination airports – we are ensuring the whole process.

Savings with up to 50% transit time vs. ocean freight and up to 30% cost savings vs. 
air freight are meaningful facts.

Rail service from China to Germany

Most safety with rail transport. Rail service is an option for high value goods movement.

  • Save 20-25 days transit time in comparison with ocean transportation
  • From Chinese loading station to Hamburg: 15 days
  • Zhengzhou station is near to many cargo origin locations and convenient for trucking as well as on-carriage by rail services
  • 2 block trains depart from China every week (currently Wednesday/Friday)
  • Fixed train schedule
  • Door to door service is our best advantage on this route