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Legal Notices
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We work exclusively in accordance with the most recent version of the German General Conditions for Forwarders (Allgemeinen Deutschen Spediteurbedingungen, ADSp) and, insofar as these do not apply to logistics services, in accordance with the Logistics Terms & Conditions (Logistik-AGB).

Section 23 ADSp limits the legal liability for damage to goods in accordance with § 431 HGB (German Commercial Code) for damages occurring
whilst in the care of a forwarder to 5 EUR/kg,
in the case of multi-modal transport, including sea transport, to 2 SDR/kg (Special Drawing Rights)
to EUR 1million / 2 SDR/kg per case of damage, or EUR 2 million / 2 SDR/kg per damage event, regardless of how many claims arise as the result of a single damage event, depending on which amount is higher.
ADSp (pdf)
Logistik-AGB (pdf)

Place of performance and jurisdiction: Willich

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