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After testing the material compatibility we offer the transport of wine, olive oil and even harmless chemicals in so-called Flexitanks.

The sea shipment of liquid goods in these 100% hygienically flawless, odourless and tasteless tanks is a special service provided by PL-CARGO. Flexitanks can be installed securely in every standard 20’ container.
Flexitanks will be filled with liquid on your premises and subsequently transported to the port of loading.

1. Prior to each use, the container is carefully cleaned several times.
2. The tank will be protected during transit by mats on the ground floor and sides.
3. Our experienced team carefully installs each Flexitank.
4. The tank will be secured.
5. After securing the flexitank can be filled with liquid.
6. Thus we transport liquid cargo in a standard container, safely and without risk of spillage.